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Day 5 – Journey to Camillus – #JourneytoWork
July 2, 2016
The Longest Day and Inspiration on Journey 2016
July 5, 2016

Day 6 to Chittenango and a Day of Rest!

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Day 6 of the Journey: Warners Rd. to Chittenango – 24 miles.

Day 7, the day of rest…

It was wonderful riding on Saturday with gorgeous sunny skies and cooler temps. We started out early with our usual crew plus Sharon CrewPam’s friends Sandy and Jeff Pine and Sharon Roegiers, our long time friend from Rochester. Scott McClurg led us through Syracuse again, which is very helpful navigating the streets and traffic. We have never gone through Syracuse on a Saturday and I was really pleased to see so many people honk and wave from their cars.

Heidi McGough, my sister, started the day by showing everyone how to ride her Eliptigo in the parking lot, such fun. Heidi is riding the whole trail with us this year and I feel honored to have this time to spend with her. This is more time for us together since we were teenagers. The beginning of the day we rode through Syracuse from end to end. Downtown Syracuse is always really special and we think of our time that we lived here. I love the downtown area with the fountain. The second half of the day we are back on canal and we always see many turtles and birds, it is a very pretty section.

After the ride we had a get together at the Hamlin’s on Skaneateles Lake -a perfect end to a great day.

Sunday, July 3rd, was our day off. Sharon and I went for a run around Song Lake with Leah. Lisa and Laura, the other 2 L’s were heidisupposedly riding their bikes but we only saw them once. We spent the afternoon and evening enjoying the company of our friends and family.

This bike ride is very special. Every year that we come out here we have the opportunity to connect with new friends and old. I am always amazed at the wonderful folks we meet from the communities. We have friends from different programs in the community and the people who live along the path. All are special. We all share a common goal, no matter who you are you want to strive to reach your full potential. We have already met so many great people it is hard to imagine what the next week will bring. I’m sure the next 5 days will be just as awesome as the last 6. Some day, I know John and I will look back at these rides with pride and amazement at the time we had.John waving