Margarita Elizondo
June 24, 2016
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New trails, new riders, new speed records. #JourneytoWork
June 28, 2016

Prologue for Journey 2016 – #JourneytoWork

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Day one was the opposite of last year. While it rained last year in Buffalo, today we had a beautiful sunny day leaving Canalside Park. We cycled the 14 miles along the Niagara River in the Doug and Johnmouth of the Erie Canal with 15 people. As we approach the end, we realized how hot we will be in the next few days.

Much like life, we had our obstacles. We had our first injury of the morning with skinned knee and sprained ankle. Doug lost his brakes completely halfway through today’s ride. Thankfully we were in a flat area and the fence was able to “break” his momentum.

We arrived at our destination to find our kids jumping in the river. Summer fun for all.

Our evening was capped off with a wonderful party as it always is at John and Priscilla Maddock’s home in Amherst New York. Priscilla is Doug Hamlin’s sister. Priscilla will be joining us on all 12 days this year!Priscilla's Knee

Tomorrow we are joined buy friends from Community Services for the Developmentally Disabled in Buffalo and will be kicked off the meet and greet with New York State Senator Robert G. Ortt. 

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