Job Opportunity: Mott Community College | Support Specialist – Physical Science

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April 2, 2019
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Job Opportunity: Mott Community College | Support Specialist – Physical Science

Mott Community College

Job Title: Support Specialist – Physical Science
Company Name: Mott Community College
Location: Flint, Michigan, United States, 48503

Purpose: The purpose of the Support Specialist – Physical Science Position is to support the faculty and students by facilitating the laboratory activities required for courses through purchasing and organizing materials and equipment, supporting the execution of these labs during class time, and by promoting safety (awareness; intervene to remediate; report non-compliance) and success of these labs and MCC students through careful organization and execution of standards. This Support Specialist also maintains a large collection of chemicals and specialized equipment.
Scope: The position serves Physical Science faculty in their laboratory activities and in the purchase, maintenance and inventory of materials and equipment. This position is knowledgeable of and responsible for the safe use (according to approved and appropriate protocols) and appropriate storage and disposal of chemicals and waste material, which may be hazardous. This position supports the proper use of the Gorman Study Center and/or similar study areas. Collaborates and requested/needed with other areas and departments of the college using chemicals and specialized equipment.
Supervisory Responsibility: This position works in cooperation with the Dean to hire, train, and coach the student workers. This position provides direction and daily assignments to student workers and trains or arranges for the training.

Minimum Requirements:
1. Bachelor’s Degree in Biochemistry, Chemistry, or a secondary education degree with a Chemistry major from an accredited college or university.
2. At least one year of experience in a college lab or work setting of a similar nature of experience in a college lab or work setting of a similar nature.
3. Basic knowledge of instrumentation that can be verified by training certification or experience in a laboratory using similar equipment.
4. Training or certification in OSHA/MIOSHA regulations and in the use, handling, storage and disposal of chemicals which may include hazardous materials. This may be received on the job within 6 months of hire.
5. Demonstrated capacity to analyze lab experiments, create processes and procedures for execution of such experiment, and execute these experiments with consistent results.
6. Demonstrated capacity to deal with and follow through on responsibilities.
7. Capacity to communicate clearly and effectively in the spoken and written word
8. Clear capacity to deal appropriately with confidential information.
9. Capacity to work effectively in irregular or unpredictable work shifts, with times of highly intense and/or multiple tasks.
10. Experience in the use of technology such as computers with general and specialized software in the teaching and learning of Physical Science concepts.
11. Ability to give and take direction and work as an effective part of a team.

Additional Desirable Qualifications:
1. Master’s Degree in Biochemistry, Chemistry, or Education with an emphasis in Chemistry or Biochemistry or additional graduate level coursework.
2. Course work in other physical sciences such as astronomy, physics, and/or geology.
3. At least two years of experience in a college lab or work setting of a similar nature of experience in a college lab or work setting of a similar nature.
3. Experience/Capacity to complete minor repairs of instruments.
4. Experience in working as a member of a team and as a team leader in a lab setting.
5. Experience in trouble-shooting complex processes.

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