March 10, 2015

Time To Put a Stop to Cyberbullying

Cyberbullying and Disability One day after a football game several years ago, I noticed a young man about 20 years old taking a cell phone movie of me while I was walking around the college campus. In that instance, I realized someone was going to use their anonymity and cell phone technology to entertain themselves. And that stung. Futhermore, this guy was going to “share” this experience with others. And that bothered me. While technology
July 9, 2015

Journey Wednesday Blog by Andrea Robinson

Erie Canal Wednesday What a great day to be on the Erie Canal. We started off in little falls and rode to Amsterdam. I enjoyed looking at signs today and was pleased to see a cow, horse and buggy, tractor and bicycle sign. We didn’t have any events so we were on our own to enjoy the sights at a leisurely pace. Pam and I stopped at the 1796 Indian Castle Church which was very
April 1, 2016

Challenges are Opportunities in Beijing!

By Chris Clark, WAB John Robinson’s message to the Western Academy of Beijing international school community was simple and inspiring: “Often times in life the best opportunities we have come from the biggest challenges we face.” John visited WAB as part of the Distinguished Speaker Series and spent a day working with students in the Elementary, Middle and High Schools. Born a congenital amputee, not much came easy – even the most basic of daily activities,
May 20, 2016

Congress Weighs How To Increase Employment Opportunities

Congress Weighs How To Increase Employment Opportunities For Americans With Disabilities House Lawmakers questioned how to better employment opportunities for Americans with developmental and intellectual disabilities like Autism and Down Syndrome during a House Committee on Small Business hearing Thursday. Eighty percent of those who fall on the spectrum are unemployed, despite being hard-working and capable, Rajesh Anandan, co-founder of a software startup that employs people with…