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SUNY is happy to announce our partnership with Our Ability

Our mission is to strengthen the connection between Career Development and Disability Services professionals to benefit students with disabilities in their career search.

In a series of webinars, John Robinson CEO of Our Ability, will providing valuable context and information regarding:

  • disability and ableism
  • self-disclosure
  • building a sustainable inclusive culture
  • reducing barriers to inclusion

The final webinar will include a discussion of the importance of building an inclusive workforce from an employer’s perspective. Each webinar will be offered 4 times for 2 groups of State-operated campuses and 2 groups of Community Colleges.

Session 1

Disability as Diversity 101: Ableism and Culture

Discussion topics:

  • Reducing barriers, increasing sensitivity, and promoting tolerance.
  • Ensuring open dialogue and mutual respect.
  • Instilling inclusivity language and communication skills.
  • Building a successful, sustainable disability-inclusive culture.

Session 2

Disability as Diversity 102 Jobs Ability and Recruitment

Discussion topics:

  • Why diversity is important in the workplace
  • What employers value about an inclusive workforce
  • Disclosure and accommodations
  • How Jobs Ability can be an excellent resource for your students (demonstration)

Session 3

Conversation with Business 

Discussion topics:

  • What companies are looking for in job candidates- technical skills vs. soft skills
  • Disclosing disability and reasonable accommodations from a company perspective
  • How can colleges/universities partner with business
  • Best practices in building an inclusive workforce
  • Q&A

Prior to each webinar, you will receive additional information and some guiding questions to consider. All sessions will include Q&A and an opportunity to share your thoughts.

Auto Captioning will be available. Please get in touch with directly for any additional accommodation requests at least seven business days before the scheduled webinar.