June 24, 2014
Wednesday, July 2, Day 3
July 6, 2014

#Journey2014 – Day 1

NiaWanda Park in Tonawanda New York – Today we begin Journey 2014. It has been a long 365 days for Our Ability, from disability workshops, motivational speaking, building Our Ability Connect, video production as well as general advocacy. While there so much to do still and so much we have accomplished, we are proud to be back on the Erie Canal. The Erie Canal is a symbol for economic development in this country from the success in the mid-1800s to the success we’re building with individuals with disabilities across New York State.

Today’s journey takes us 37 miles in total. We are joined as always by Doug and Pam Hamlin, Andrea, Ariel, Owen and John Robinson.  We have added Owen’s good friend from youth hockey – Nate Hussar. Trish Zdep will be along with us again to support and make us laugh.  This year as part of NYSARC‘s 65th anniversary, Jayson White an Eileen Palmer(and son) will bike alongside in support.  We are so proud of our affiliation with NYSARC’s 65th anniversary.

This morning we are joined by Opportunities Unlimited of Niagara, Heritage Centers, The Resource Center and The ReHabilitation Center.  We will have 200+ people seeing us off this morning.

As always, we have produced video stories. Stories are sponsored by NYSID – thank you NYSID. Here’s the first video story from our introductory barbecue hosted by Doug’s sister Priscilla and brother-in-law John Maddock.  We feel like part of their family and are blessed to be included.

At the end of last year, I did not believe we would ever do this again. But when we were asked by individuals with disabilities to do this again we were proud to say yes. We ask your assistance. If you have not done so, please donate your website. Click here to donate.  If you have, please share us on social media sites as often as possible and tag us with #journey 2014.  And, keep watching!