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Jobs Ability | A bridge for candidates and businesses.

Our Ability Alliance | New York Business Employment collaborates with employers on increasing employment opportunities for people with disabilities.  To date, we are building the bridge between businesses and organizations representing people with disabilities for employment purposes. We have 45 businesses across the US and Canada interested in employing all people with disabilities.

With Jobs Ability, our portal uses technology to assist in skill assessment and job placement.

Our mission is to consult with employers to leverage the successful employment of individuals with disabilities; proven to lower job turnover rates, boost morale, and increase bottom-line profit. Our team consults with government workforce development to enhance employment opportunities and build training modules within the business is all towards successful employment outcomes.

Why Join Our Ability

Employers join the Our Ability because they want an opportunity to engage with like-minded businesses to learn how to progress in the journey toward inclusion of diverse talent who happen to have disabilities (including Veterans). Membership is open to both private and public sectors. Our programs and resources are tailored to the needs of human resources professionals, diversity and inclusion officers and EEOC directors. The recent OFCCP changes to Section 503 of the Rehabilitation Act make membership in Our Ability an excellent opportunity to stay abreast of the latest information with quarterly topical programming and the opportunity to network and learn from other members.

John Robinson, Our Ability

Benefits of Membership

  • With your membership you will receive logo recognition on our web pages, you have the ability to have our logo/link on your site and the opportunity to join us at educational events.
  • Jobs posted automatically on Our Ability Jobs.
  • Ability to engage with multiple individuals with disability for specific openings within your organization. This customization – Hiring AdvantEdge –  has a proven track record of employment.
  • Ability to use Jobs Ability to source job applicants and connect with candidates at virtual job fairs.
  • Educate your business leadership on the economic impact of hiring individuals with disabilities.
  • Disability related EAP options for members.
  • Network with physical disability, developmental disability and veteran communities to learn new ways to engage large groups of individuals as future employees.
  • Build a coalition with nearby universities educating individuals with disabilities in support of a pathway to employment through internship.
  • Recognition as a leader in supporting disability inclusion in the workplace, supply chain and marketplace.
  • Influence policies created at all levels of government.
  • Learn about how recent OFCCP changes to Section 503 of the Rehabilitation Act can impact your business
  • Maximize exposure to entrepreneurs with disabilities. You will be on the forefront of disability supplier diversity.
  • Network – do business with – other businesses interested in disability inclusion.
  • Educational webinars & online workshops to provide timely information on important topics.

Our Ability Sponsorship for 2021

All sponsors are able to source candidates with disabilities from Jobs Ability and utilize our services to build relationships for sustained outreach to disability service providers in your areas.

General Our Ability sponsorship – includes logo recognition on the front page, inside on the candidate dashboard, access to search candidates by skill, communication with candidates as well as jobs posted on Our Ability Jobs board.

  • Major International Sponsorship – $15,000
  • US National Businesses – $10,000
  • Regional Business – $2,750
  • Local Disability Service Providers – $950