Inspirational Speaker Doug Hamlin with Students

July 23, 2013
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August 22, 2013

Inspirational Speaker Doug Hamlin with Students

Doug Hamlin puts people at ease with his daily activities living in a wheelchair.  Doug shares this message with school-age students, organizations and business leaders around the country.

Our Ability produced this message as a way to inspire schools to include disability inclusion programs in their educational portfolio.  Both Doug and I realize by changing the perception of students at an early age, we can support disability inclusion in higher education and employment for generations to come. 

We have each spoken to students and faculty at schools for years as inspirational speakers with disabilities. We have a passion for educating young people that while we may look different, we live ordinary successful lives. We do this knowing that our journey can educate people about disability. At the same time, we share stories knowing the deeper impact is on the ability within all us us to see beyond our own limitations!

Doug shares his driving ability and business acumen.  I can share stories of sales success, driving or dressing.  While all hear these stories, at the same time they learn to overcome the obstacles within themselves.  If we were to describe ourselves, we may not use inspirational speakers. But, many who have worked with us to educate say exactly that. 

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