Hiring AdvantEdge: Price Chopper, ACCES-VR and Our Ability Come Together for Employment

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Hiring AdvantEdge: Price Chopper, ACCES-VR and Our Ability Come Together for Employment

Disability Employment

Disability Employment

December 21, 2016 – Updated – As of December 20, 2016 10 of the 25 people in attendance have been hired by Price Chopper!

On November 9, 2016, Price Chopper Supermarkets together with ACCES-VR of New York State and Our Ability Alliance held an open workshop for employment for individuals with disabilities in the Greater Capital Region of New York.


Price Chopper brought in leaders in human resources and talent acquisition to discuss resume writing, building interview skills, identifying proper job skills and navigating applications. During the day, there was an in-depth tour of Price Chopper’s Market Bistro in Latham New York. In attendance, there were 25 individuals with disabilities looking for employment from multiple disability advocacy organizations in New York State.marketbistro

“We are so happy and proud that our first “Hiring AdvantEdge” event was a success beyond measure,” said Mike Miller, Price Chopper/Market 32 Vice President for Human Resources. “The teams from Price Chopper/Market 32, ACCES-VR and Our Ability came together with a common purpose and truly delivered. Most importantly, we provided 25 individuals a new and relevant forum to pursue a career.”

Our Ability Alliance runs the New York Business Leadership Network, identifying businesses across New York State interested in advancing employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities. Price Chopper /Market 32 is a founding board member of the NYBLN.

“We are proud to work with Price Chopper/Market 32,” John Robinson, Our Ability Alliance Executive Director stated. “Over the past five years we have witnessed their interest in employing people with disabilities in multiple locations. They are a strong leader in employment outcomes here in New York State.”

Mike Miller, Vice President of Human Resources at Price Chopper/Market 32 and his team brought together an extremely informative three hours on best practices in finding employment. While educating on employment, individuals were also given a tour of the new facility and provided lunch.

Bryan Baszczuk, ACCES-VR Employment Specialist was instrumental in putting this date together. For the past two years, Our Ability Alliance and ACCES-VR have worked on a number of disability mentoring days in the Capital Region. Together, our goal is to enhance disability mentoring Day into a more proactive – job recruitment day. Price Chopper has led the way in this new venture.

If your business is interested, please contact Our Ability Alliance to find out more information on how your business can have a similar event. Candidates interested in employment opportunities, should join Our Ability Connect and then send us an email.