Guest Blog: Celebrate #IDPD with Sodexo and Empower People of All Abilities

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Guest Blog: Celebrate #IDPD with Sodexo and Empower People of All Abilities

By Autumn Anderson, Employment Brand Sourcing Manager

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Since 1992, International Day of Persons with Disabilities (IDPD) has been recognized in an effort to “promote action to raise awareness about disability issues and draw attention to the benefits of an inclusive and accessible society for all.”

As the Co-Communications Chair for the Sodexo Organization for Disabilities Resources, also known as SOAR, I can’t help but notice the similarity between IDPD’s purpose and our mission, which is to raise awareness, provide education and resources, and proactively provide outreach to create a culture that embraces, values and fully utilizes persons with disabilities.

What this really means is that Sodexo supports employees with disabilities by being inclusive and focusing on what they CAN do, by providing training opportunities like The Voice for those who want to be allies and by getting involved with partners in the community to help develop the skills needed for people with disabilities to be successful in the workplace through programs likeSTRIDE and Project SEARCH.

This year’s IDPD theme, “Inclusion matters: access and empowerment for people of all abilities,” is a perfect segue into our video for today, highlighting why companies should provide jobs to people with disabilities and Sodexo’s commitment to make to our programs for people with disabilities accessible to 100% of our workforce by 2025.

In honor of IDPD, take two minutes to watch and learn about something that affects 1 billion people worldwide:

To learn more about Sodexo’s commitment to employees with disabilities, our initiatives across the globe and stories from employees who overcome challenges to make a difference every day,visit our website here.