January 10, 2017

Media Uncomfortable with Disability

By John Robinson –  January 5, 2017 posted on Huffington Post. I posted this last week after the horrible events in Chicago. I’m angry enough about the treatment, the bullying of people with disabilities in society. But four days later, still angry – almost outraged – at the coverage. Do you know in four days I have not seen one panelist, a person with a disability represented to talk about this? There have been numerous
January 11, 2024

Our Ability Podcast: DEI v. Bumper Stickers ‘Biden is a Piece of S*$#’

In 2024, the Our Ability Podcast, will look at diversity, equity, inclusion, and disability in our society. We will interview leaders, entrepreneurs, practitioners, and friends, to discuss disability, diversity, equity, and inclusion in 2024. In this episode, John Robinson discusses the lack of DEI in 2023 and what we can do, after seeing a bumper sticker “Biden is a Piece of Shit.”