June 18, 2020

Podcast: Two Poets Talking Entrepreneurship for People with Disability

Stephen Kuusisto and Bob Herz join Our Ability’s John Robinson Talking about building an entrepreneur program at Syracuse University for individuals with disabilities. As we know, individuals with disabilities are wonderful problem solver’s. Some of those problems can be solved through building new businesses, new technology and what better place than at Syracuse. We explore through our past shared experiences a new vision for entrepreneurship.  
January 17, 2024

Our Ability Podcast: Caroline Casey and the Entrepreneurship Spirit Open Captioned

Wikipedia says ‘Caroline Casey is an Irish activist and management consultant.’ And so much more…. Caroline Casey is also a friend of Our Ability Inc. In late-2023, John Robinson interviewed Caroline for an entrepreneurship class for students with disabilities through Syracuse University. As Our Ability looks at DEI in 2024, we share this interview as a guiding light on the importance of leadership in starting a business with DEI purpose. Enjoy!
January 24, 2024

Our Ability Podcast: Mai Ling Chan Disability Entrepreneur Open Captioned

Mai Ling Chan has dedicated her career to supporting disabilities and serving the community of people and businesses who focus on the disability community. As a speech-language pathologist, Mai Ling has worked to support communication in all forms. As an industry historian and entrepreneur, Mai Ling has chronicled, guided, mentored, connected, and supported hundreds of thought leaders, as they follow their paths to create products, services, and offerings that change lives. Learn directly from amazing
January 31, 2024

Our Ability Podcast: NY Budget, Taylor Swift and the Death of DEI Open Captioned

A reflection on where we are with the New York State budget and direct care workers. Plus a discussion on New York State efforts on digital accessibility. Finally a rant about the death of DEI. Taylor Swift and DEI are under the skin of the far-right media.