Department of Labor

August 30, 2013

New 503 Regulations and Your Business!

Not mentioned in this week’s news that included wildfires in the crisis in Syria, is new Department of Labor regulations around hiring people with disabilities. We all know the unemployment rate for people with disabilities is too high. One of the ways the government wants to reduce the rate is by increasing the nationwide employment goal for federal contractors. What strikes me in the write-up is the self-identification.   The invitation to self identify maybe the
December 9, 2016

#PWDConnectJobs: CBS, Anderson Cooper and DOL’s Andrew Puzder

CBS and Anderson Cooper took to the airwaves last week and did a story on drive-by lawsuits. Both the drive-by lawsuit and the business unaware hurt individuals with disabilities with everything that we need. From accessibility to equal opportunity, we are underserved in both areas. Drive-by lawsuits hurt our reputation and need for accessibility while businesses continue to neglect people with disabilities in general. I found a 2005 article how Hardee’s was sued for not