• Brutal Day 8 but we Achieve

    July 8th, 2014

    Day eight- brutal Yesterday we started the day with an event with the ARCs of Onondaga, Madison, Cortland Counties. We started it at Chittenango New York in the Erie Canal Museum. We had a wonderful event with proclamations and discussion of employment and outcomes for people disabilities. We always knew that this day was going to be a longest. On paper, it is 45 miles from Chittenango to Utica-lock 20. We were excited because this day we had trained for four weeks earlier. Last year, it was p[...]

    Journey Along the Erie Canal II – Week 1 – Doug’s Reflections

    July 7th, 2014

    One week ago today I was awake at 1:15am, as I am tonight, excited about the Journey. Last week I was apprehensive about actually being able to complete each day. I was not able to last year and I still had no way to know if my new bike and increased training schedule were enough to do the job. It turns out they were! The 194 miles that we all rode last week were extremely rewarding and it was a relief to me that I could complete every one. I actually began to feel stronger each day as I discove[...]

    Day 7 - #Journey2014 is at 194 Miles

    July 6th, 2014

    Genesis 2:2 - "...He (in this case we) rested on the seventh day." Week one is complete, and it has been all that we had hoped for and more. I cannot recap the whole week, but I'd like to observe a few things that are much different than last year. This has been an extremely emotional week for us. While last year had emotional ups and downs, this year has been even more powerful for me. First, the support from NYSARC under chapters has lived up to everything we had hoped for and more. We h[...]

    Wednesday, July 2, Day 3

    July 6th, 2014

    [cvg-video videoId='40' width='350' height='200' /][...]

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