Building the Business Case for Employing People with Disabilities

Our Ability is a network of consulting, public speaking, recruitment and professional services that champions the inclusivity of people with disabilities in the workplace.

As pioneers in disability inclusion, employment and workplace accessibility, we act as a bridge between individuals and businesses through education and collaboration. Our goal is to empower employers to understand and leverage the increasingly valuable employment population of people with disabilities, proven to lower job turnover rates and boost morale and productivity.



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Come Join Us on our Journey Along the Erie Canal

We invite everyone to find the ability inside ourselves for all or part of a 14 day, multi-city bike ride along the Erie Canal.  Our 2016 ride will raise awareness of Our Ability, NYBLN and the benefits of employment for all New Yorkers.  While we have made so many advancements, our work continues.



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  • John is a great human being. He is as caring and warm as he is courageous and persistent. A strong motivator, John has but one goal in sharing his life story as a congenital amputee – to dispense hope and inspiration to those who can use it most. John spoke to the leadership team of Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield at a recent off-site meeting. The meeting was held shortly after the passage of the federal health care reform bill. The spirits of the leadership team were pretty low. John’s message of hope and the ability we all possess to overcome major obstacles in life resonated with the team. After hearing John speak, they felt a renewed sense of purpose and mission, ready to rise up and meet the challenge of reform, as well as other challenges in their personal lives. I would recommend John as a speaker to anyone in business, or to someone simply seeking hope and inspiration in life.
    Douglas Wenners, President - East Region/ISLG Segment Leader
    Anthem, Inc.
  • John Robinson is an inspiration to all. He has proven that if you continue to have faith in yourself anything can be accomplished. If you set goals for yourself and stay the course, you will achieve all things.
    Donovan McNabb, NFL Quarterback
  • There is no such thing as ‘it can’t be done’ in John Robinson’s inspirational story, one that should be on every book shelf as a glowing example of achieving one’s goals despite the obstacles we are born with or the hurdles we encounter along the way. In the face of adversity, he displays courage, conviction, and an unstoppable positive attitude. John Robinson is a true hero.
    Dick MacPherson “Coach Mac”
    Syracuse University Football Hall of Fame Coach & retired New England Patriots Football Coach
  • Our Ability helped our staff team see differences in a new and meaningful way. John and Doug’s storytelling is powerful. While learning about them, we really learned about ourselves. Their comfortable approach made it easier to openly discuss what could have been uncomfortable topics. I think all of our team left the session with new perspectives on those that are different from themselves and gained a greater appreciation of how they can better embrace diversity.
    Mark N. Eagan, CCE - President and CEO
    Albany-Colonie Regional Chamber of Commerce