Video Production Work for General Businesses

Multimedia and Web Applications; Corporate, Educational and Documentary Video Production


Our Ability, Inc. is a full service multimedia company for hire. We believe in producing the best possible web applications and video for clients as well as people with disabilities. To serve our mission, we return a portion of our annual profits into producing videos about people with disabilities that are not part of our corporate partnerships.

Over the past year, Our Ability has worked for NYSID, NYSARC, American Heart Association, Sodexo and TD Bank.

Our Ability is a certified USBLN Disability-Owned Business Enterprise. If you are committed to supplier diversity strategies at your company, please let us get to know you.

In the past 18 months, Our Ability has added web development to our portfolio. Approximately 18 months ago, we started to build a portal for individuals with disabilities called Connect. Our Ability Connect is the technological bridge for individuals with disabilities to connect with businesses for employment purposes. On the individual side, people see job postings from organizations interested on the dashboard as well as have the ability to build an individual profile. On the corporate side, businesses are able to search the database for candidates around the country.

Our success with Connect has led us to consider further opportunities in web development alongside our partners Gavant Software. We are working with the same people who developed Connect to build our web development business.

Video Production Work for General Businesses

John Robinson has been producing videos with compassion and dignity for years. First as a student of Syracuse University, through the years with Public Broadcasting and now as owner of Our Ability, Inc., Robinson cares about all people living with their challenges.

Our Ability, Inc. specializes in first person storytelling video production. Our unique combination of years of public broadcasting experience plus the understanding of living with physical challenges presents specialized skills. One of our goals in 2013 is to utilize our skills and assist prosecuting attorneys with their video needs.

Globies Awards 2015

“A Day in the Life Video”

We are uniquely positioned to understand the care needed in producing the quality story.

For the past five years, we have produced stories about People with Disabilities.  Including a documentary about ourselves. Get Off Your Knees, The John Robinson Story is when we realized there are compelling stories in every day living.

Our Ability, Inc. mentors People with Disabilities.  We can afford this gift of mentoring others with differing abilities towards education and employment through our successful video production.

Our Ability, Inc. wants to work with your legal firm.  We are uniquely positioned with our video ability as well as our experience as People with Disabilities ourselves. We understand struggles.

For more information on how our unique combination can help, please contact John or Doug.

Our Ability, Inc. is a certified of disability-owned business enterprises (DOBEs), with the United States Business Leadership Network

For more information on how our unique combination can help.