Helping people see beyond differences; to see the value we all hold inside ourselves.

Our Ability is able to distill decades of experience into motivational and educational talks for you and your employees, and do it in a way that is both universal for today’s corporate climate and personalized for your particular organization.  Our Ability and John Robinson have spoken hundreds of times to students, church groups, business and political leaders about inclusion and disability.

Workshops and Keynotes

Whether it’s abroad (Italy, China, Australia or Canada) or here in the United States, John Robinson provides an inspirational message for all. Born a quadruple congenital amputee, John Robinson has unique experience and insight. Regardless of age or economic status, we all face obstacles in life at work, play or home. At times it takes an inspirational message for all of us to find the ability within ourselves to overcome life’s challenges. John Robinson and the Our Ability team provide stories of success through humor, anecdote and challenge.

Help people to …

Opportunities are inside Obstacles  |   See the world differently  |  See themselves differently  |  Understand that success comes in all forms  |  Communicate more openly  |  Communicate with confidence  |  Think about problem solving  |  Prioritize with a different perspective  |  Get “out of the box”  |  Become an ally

Presentation Performance

Our Ability Presentation Performance is a concrete, proven social model that assists stakeholders in improving public speaking so to effectively impact and leverage one’s ability for themselves and/or the organization. Regardless of your skills everyone can use new methods to refine presentations. Every person deals with obstacles in preparation, nervous energy and resistance from our audiences.
Our Ability works with individuals and organizations to become better listeners and presenters. Learn to deliver better messaging, have more confidence, use body language to your advantage, engage your audience and overcome obstacles in new ways. These one or two-day seminars are available to build better personal presentations.

  • Build strong presentations.
  • Channel your energy.
  • Strengthen your voice.
  • Overcome obstacles in the room.
  • Engage your audience effectively through personal stories.

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Our Ability Within leads employers to discover the positive economic impact in building a talent pipeline to, and a culture around individuals with disabilities.