Building the Business Case for Employing People with Disabilities

Our Ability, Inc. partners with businesses to provide customized, innovative inclusivity and disability expertise for recruitment, culture, disclosure and compliance.

As leaders in disability inclusion, employment and workplace accessibility, our dedicated, strategic guidance is built on 50 years of collective real-life experience working with small, medium and large organizations and government agencies, contractors and subcontractors. We deliver diversity solutions designed to minimize risk through resources, education and tools. Our goal is to empower employers to understand and leverage the increasingly valuable employment population of people with disabilities, proven to lower job turnover rates and boost morale and productivity.


Our Ability, Inc. simplifies the complex task of identifying talented people with disabilities through direct access to our exclusive nationwide employment networks:

  • Our Ability Connect is the only online platform where employers can directly connect with qualified candidates with disabilities by searching a digital profile service, posting employment opportunities and sponsoring virtual job fairs.
  • Our Ability’s College Tour was designed to increase the talent pipeline of hundreds of skilled college students with disabilities, helping to match them with employers via Our Ability Connect.

Our network additionally includes access to long-standing partnerships with a multitude of disability and Veterans groups, as well as to key disability initiatives at national, state and local levels that enhance access to education, training and certificate programs for individuals with disabilities.

We also provide recruitment and employment interview training, equipping you and your staff to create a positive, comfortable experience when interviewing applicants with a variety of disabilities. Benefits include:

  • Understanding your own fears in order to overcome bias.
  • Increasing communication skills around what you can and cannot say, ask or do from a legal standpoint.
  • Confidently knowing how to conduct a comfortable, professional interview with candidates with disabilities.
  • Successfully navigating disclosure and requests for accommodations.


Our Ability, Inc. facilitates communications designed to promote a disability inclusive culture that goes beyond compliance. Our customized, holistic approach guides employers through education, exposure and discussion, giving management, HR, co-workers — and even outside stakeholders and clients — the foundational skills to reduce the impact of bias, increase retention and lower turnover.

Having lived as or with people with disabilities ourselves, Our Ability leverages our firsthand knowledge in order to implement positive strategies that reduce fears and raise awareness. Underscoring that a deep understanding is key to any successfully inclusive workplace culture, we emphasize reality and straightforward, practical advice. Together, we’ll also explore real-life scenarios through our exclusive series of disability awareness videos, created by people with disabilities. Benefits include:

  • Reducing barriers, increasing sensitivity and promoting tolerance.
  • Ensuring open dialogue and mutual respect.
  • Instilling inclusivity language and communication skills.
  • Building a successful, sustainable disability inclusive culture.
  • Providing a positive, employee and customer experience that celebrates inclusivity.


Our Ability, Inc. provides employers with end-to-end disclosure training designed to create and maintain a safe, confidential environment where employees can self-disclose without fear. Because the term “disability” still holds a stigma for many, understanding the wide spectrum of how individuals feel about being identified as a person with a disability is essential. Drawing from personal and professional experience, we equip businesses with the resources to confidently understand and navigate the recent Section 503 mandate and best practices in promoting disclosure. Benefits include:

  • Knowing which questions to ask and facilitate open dialogue for self-identification.
  • Step-by-step know-how on processing disclosure information.
  • Understanding and applying the government requirements around accommodation.
  • Reducing unconscious bias and myths about disability and accommodation.
  • Increasing productivity and innovation by creating an understanding, comfortable work environment for all.


Our Ability, Inc. streamlines education and implementation processes of ADA and Section 503 compliance requirements for small, medium and large organizations and government agencies, contractors and subcontractors. Through guided workshops designed to explore how these new regulations open the door to understanding, acknowledgment and support of the differing abilities within all of us, we distill a clear, practical checklist of what to do and not to do. We also provide a comprehensive FAQ to common questions, updated template forms and an outreach referral directory of our vast disability and veteran partner organizations. Benefits include:

  • Embracing requirements that move beyond compliance, paving the opportunity for increased employee and customer loyalty.
  • Comprehensive understanding of new ADA and Section 503 employer mandates.
  • Actionable strategies for achieving the required 7% minimum inclusion of people with disabilities in your workforce.
  • Establishing guidelines and timelines for data collection, records keeping and access and reporting.

Disability as Diversity 102: Business Case

Our Ability facilitates dialogue with the business community lay out the financial case to hire people with disabilities. On the macro level, there is a national pool of individuals with disabilities with financial buying power that exceeds other diversity categories. It is lost upon the general population how important the buying power in our community is to their bottom line. Whether it be business to business or business to consumer, there is impact in educating larger businesses on the importance of individuals with disability.

On a micro level, Upstate New York is a strong example of how important the community is of people with disabilities. In a typical small county, the largest diversity category are people with disabilities and the largest employer in smaller counties was traditionally a workshop type organization. If we can harness the capability of all and transition that into competitive external employment, we have solved some of our employment concerns in Upstate New York.

Together, we explore the economics of hiring people with disabilities.

Benefits include:

  • Reducing barriers to employment.
  • Defining the positive financial impact.
  • Understanding resources in the community.
  • See the opportunities of tax incentives.

Our Ability, Inc. is a certified of disability-owned business enterprises (DOBEs), with the United States Business Leadership Network

Our Ability leads employers to discover the positive economic impact in building a talent pipeline to, and a culture around individuals with disabilities.